A Map of the Okanagan Valley

Written on April 11th, 2016

Something is happening in the valley!

All you need is a Map

Did you hear it? A rumbling in the valley?  The creaking of mountains? Did you notice the tremble of leaves out of the corner of your eye?  The single undulating wave, snaking from lake to lake? Don't panic, you were just witness to the  folding and stretching phenomenon known as geographic expansion. Yes - the beadtrails experience has undergone a growth spurt and now stretches from Osoyoos to Armstrong! 

 The trail-head begins wherever you want it to; at any one of the 150+ businesses in eleven welcoming Okanagan communities. Hec, the expansion event was so powerful (about a 6.5 on the Richter magnitude scale) that the trails splintered right out of the valley, which means you can immerse yourself in the beadtrails experience from the scenic stepping-stone of the Merritt Visitor Centre. 

 Businesses are still choosing charm beads to reflect their story, maps of the new terrain are in print and the website is being adjusted accordingly. As soon as the dust settles all will be revealed and we will arm you with everything you need to explore and enjoy the beadtrails experience - including wine-Sherpas in air-conditioned tour buses.....   

  Denise Howie