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Bead Fever

Published December 13th, 2017
lana and abby

Lana and Abby visit with our mascot Sid at the BeadTrails Experience Store

The Lowdown on Bead Addiction

Now let’s be clear, it’s not just the physical bead itself that our beadtrailers are addicted to, it’s the whole BeadTrailing Experience. I have to be upfront here and admit that this was a deliberate strategy; over the years we have built up the Trails to include almost 200 quality businesses in twenty BC communities. 

And again, in the interest of clarity, I must point out that we deliberately cast our net wide. If you love picking through treasures or sampling food that is made with care and attention – you will find them on the Trails. From beads to boots to bras, your retail therapy needs will be met!

You prefer the sun on your face, outdoor adventures, camping? Yes, we've got you covered.  And what a treat we have for the cultural explorers and history buffs out there!


Kelly participated in the Penticton ITU Multisport World Championships, and still had the energy to follow the BeadTrails!

I don’t deny that the bead is an important part of the addiction. After all it tells the story of the business that owns it, and it’s a way for you to create a bracelet that you love as a piece of jewelry, and as a memento of your explorations. 

Evidence shows that the BeadTrails Experience appeals to all pockets and age groups. We have many beadtrailers calling in to the store or messaging us to share their positive experiences out on the Trails. 

We hear time and time that people wouldn’t have discovered this store or that activity if they hadn’t been following the BeadTrails map. You can also start your adventure by picking up a brochure-map at Visitor Centres and BeadTrails businesses. 

The other great news is that there is no downside to the bead addiction – just good memories, fun with friends and family or a blissful afternoon to yourself. 

Send us your BeadTrails Stories

We just might feature your photographs and stories in this blog and on our social media platforms! And if you call in to the BeadTrails Experience Store remember to take a selfie with Sid!