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Beads Blossom Across BC

Published March 12th, 2018
Handful of beads

    It all started with a handful of beads

Just Like Jack & The Beanstalk

It is amazing to look back seven years and see how the BeadTrails Experience has taken root and grown. Starting with just a handful of beads to create a trail between wineries in her hometown of Summerland, Karen Griggs has created an experience that is designed to help businesses and communities flourish.

As with Jack's beans there's more to our beads than meets the eye. By setting out on a journey to collect the charms, you will visit places and spaces that you might not have gone to. For example, Eleanor told us of her joy at finding an art-treasure at a garden centre, " I don't even have a garden, I wouldn't ever have gone in there if it wasn't for the BeadTrails."

The BeadTrails Map currently connects 200 businesses and organizations from Osoyoos to Cache Creek. Each venue has a unique bead that speaks to their story, just as the beads that you collect and thread on to a bracelet tell yours. We are passionate about using our voice to tell you about the BeadTrails businesses and organizations, the experiences of the 'beadtrailers' who visit them, and to highlight the attractions of our spectacular region. 

I wish that in true fairytale fashion I could bring things to a close by reporting that Eleanor's garden centre find was a magical harp or a painting of a golden goose, but she was so busy showing us her bracelet and recounting her adventures that I totally forgot to ask.


We just might feature your photographs and stories in this blog and on our social media platforms! And if you call in to the BeadTrails Experience Store remember to take a selfie with Sid!