Every Bead Tells A Story: Castoro de Oro Estate Winery

Written on April 11th, 2015

Q. Why did Castoro de Oro choose the Top Hat as your signature bead?

A. We wanted our visitors to know why our grapes are perfect for wine. Our story is of extra interest because it also ties in with Canadian history. People came to the land, now called Canada, searching for Oro – gold, or riches, and some settled and stayed when they found a profitable way to supply the fashion industry in other parts of the world. That high fashion included the top hat and fur collars on overcoats which were made from Castoro – beaver, which is why Canada’s national animal is the beaver. So the perfect name for our winery and the ideal choice for a bead! Beavers helped create the little lake at the foot of our vineyard, which extends the growing season on the already exceptional Golden Mile, which is where we are located in Oliver; this makes it easy to achieve full ripeness in our grapes and makes for beautiful wines. The full story can be heard if you come into our wine shop for a tasting and you can see the little lake and hear how it affects the wine.

Q. What is Castoro de Oro's experience of being on the Bead Trail?

A. Here at Castoro de Oro we have enjoyed our first full year as a Bead Trail member and we proudly display our Beads and Bead Trail brochures. We look forward to 2015 with more Bead Trail fun. We have introduced and explained the Bead Trails concept to many of our customers who weren’t yet 'in the know' about Bead Trails, which has made avid collectors out of some of them (so they have said when they returned to our winery). And we have also gained a few new wine customers as a result of Bead Trails enthusiasts who have come in wanting our bead for their collection and taken the time to enjoy a complimentary wine tasting and loved our wines.

It’s wonderful to know that when people look at their collection they will remember their visit to our little winery and all the other great Okanagan places they stopped at. We very much enjoy when people ask for the story behind our signature bead because it launches us into the story of how we named our winery and everyone who hears it comments that it’s a great story, which makes us feel awesome; and it’s great to see the ladies' collections some of which are very impressive already!

If you are venturing out on the Bead Trail do visit Castero de Ora, taste their wine and check out the distinctive top hat, cane and glove bead. And do drop us a line or post a picture on our facebook page. We would love to hear from you! If you are a business or artist on the Bead Trail do send us your story to share! Denise Howie

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