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Fenn's Treasure

Published December 17th, 2018

Explore & Collect

When mentioned in the local media, the BeadTrails Experience has been compared to geocaching and Pokémon GO, as well as a traditional treasure or scavenger hunt. We usually go with the latter, but however you describe it, it’s a wonderful way to discover new places and collect mementos of your day out or vacation. We provide a map of around 200 bead charm locations in twenty-one BC communities and off you go! Whether it’s an activity, a store, a winery, or an art gallery each venue has a signature bead that relates to their origin-story; and many will speak to your story too, or serve as a way to create a memory bracelet to remind you of your adventure.

Fenn's Treasure

Millionaire and amateur archaeologist Forrest Fenn was battling cancer in the 1980’s when he came up with an unusual way to preserve his legacy and to provide a spirit of adventure for others. Fenn survived but in 2010 he went through with his idea and filled a treasure chest with gold, including ancient relics such as an Aztec amulet and hid it somewhere between the Rocky Mountains and the deserts of the American Southwest.

Fenn provided a poem with clues to track down the treasure, but to date it has not been found. Not surprisingly, many people have tried to find the treasure chest, and most say that although not finding it is a disappointment, they were glad to have discovered places that they wouldn’t have gone to otherwise - which is what we frequently hear about going out exploring and collecting on the BeadTrails! Whichever trail you choose to follow - we wish you bon adventure!