Five Fun Bracelet Facts

Written on November 16th, 2015

A happy visitor displaying her Bead Trail collection! 

Bracelet derives from the Latin word, brachiale, which means belonging to the arm; which then developed into the Old French term bracel. 

The most expensive bracelet in the world belonged to Wallis Simpson, whose love affair with Edward VIII led to his abdication. The Cartier-designed onyx and diamond panther bracelet sold for £4.5m at auction in 2010 (over $9m CDN at today's rate!)  

willis bracelet

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The oldest bracelet to be discovered so far is green stone, chlorite bracelet discovered beside ancient human remains in a Siberian cave. Russian experts believe it is 40,000 years old.


A candy bracelet has around 90 calories. 

Charm bracelets encourage connection. Have you noticed how even women you haven’t met before are likely to ask you the significance of a particular charm on your bracelet; and perhaps share a story about the importance of their grandmother’s old charm bracelet?    

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