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Written on February 14th, 2019

BeadTrails Sid.png

From our beginnings, way back in 2010, we have had a silver quail charm as our signature bead; if you live in or have visited the Okanagan - you will know why! Then serendipitously four years later Sid hatched from an egg of yarn and in true BeadTrails fashion we held a competition to name him.

'Sidney' topped the list so we had a formal naming ceremony but we soon learned that this cheeky chappy responded best to being called Sid. Yes, we must admit, he does tend to rule the roost. However Sid is the perfect mascot as he loves having his photo taken and enjoys snuggling up with our visitors.

Karen (BeadTrails owner) and Patti (sales & marketing rep.) often chauffeur Sid around the 21 BeadTrails communities as they deliver beads, bracelets and brochures to nearly 200 venues.

If you are out and about on the Trails and see Sid don't be shy, head on over and say hi and maybe take a selfie with him. I assure you he won't mind!

Well it's time for Sid's belly-rub so I'll say cheerio for now and Happy Valentine's Day!





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