Why jewelry has significance in our lives

Written on January 16th, 2015

A Story to Wear

Our beads are so popular because they carry on the age-old traditions of significant adornment. A Bead Trail bracelet allows you to not just wear your heart on your sleeve but to showcase your story and character. Whether you’re setting out map-in-hand on an Okanagan adventure or browsing our extensive on-line collection you are adding to your story or creating a new one. Jewelry is as old as the human race itself. In Paleolithic times we created necklaces from painted seashells and the teeth and claws of wild animals.  And when we discovered how to fashion bones and then metal, there was no stopping us!  Through the ages jewelry has been worn as an amulet to ward off harm and as a mark of status or rank. The ever practical Romans created ornate but functional brooches to secure their cloaks. Some gems are believed to have healing properties and others just bring out that special colour in your eyes.  We pick what we wear according to mood and occasion, and taking the time to choose just the right piece has always been a perfect way to show affection to others. Express yourself and create your own timeless bead collection. Rummage through our sparkly spacers and fun favourites to discover beads that remind you of a time, person or place or be daring and pick a quirky piece – just for fun!   

  Denise Howie

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