Monday's Five Priceless Pendant Facts

Written on December 7th, 2015


One of the strangest pendants may have been the Victorian tear-catcher.  When in mourning some people would cry tears into a tiny bottle until it was full. A special stopper allowed the tears to evaporate, and when the bottle was empty the mourning period was over. 

The term pendant doesn't just refer to a necklace.  The latin 'pendere' and Old french 'pendre' both mean to hang down so a charm on a bracelet or a piece of jewelry dangling from an earring or ribbon are also pendants. 

One of the most iconic pendants in movie history is the Titanic's Heart of the Ocean, a stunning large blue diamond. The fictional jewel was based on the Hope Diamond, which was a part of Louis XIV's royal necklace. And there was in fact a valuable blue sapphire and diamond necklace on the fated ship, given to a young woman by her married lover. 

The most expensive pendant in the world is the 637 carat L'Incomparable diamond necklace created in 2013 by Mouawad, valued at $55 million (US). 

The largest pendant in the world is Crunk Aint Dead, owned by hip-hop artist Lil' Jon, with 3,576 white diamonds, which weighs in at 977.6 grams (2lb.4oz) without the chain

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  Denise Howie

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