New Year - New Experiences!

Written on December 30th, 2015
Fun Facts from the Bead Trails 

  What do Paul Revere, J. Edgar Hoover, JD Salinger, Verne Troyer (Mini-me actor) Devin Setoguchi (Canadian hockey player) and Pope Alexander VI have in common? They were all born on January 1st. According to tradition, babies born on the first of the year grow up to enjoy the luckiest of lives, bringing joy and good fortune to those around them. 

Throughout the year, visitors to Times Square in New York City write their New Year's wishes on pieces of official Times Square New Year's Eve confetti. At the end of the year, the wishes are collected and added to the one ton of confetti that showers the crowd gathered in Times Square in celebration of the New Year. You can tweet or Instagram your wishes for 2016 and they will be transcribed on to confetti for you! 

The top 10 New Year resolutions are usually to lose weight, eat more healthily, exercise more, stop smoking, stick to a budget, save money, get more organized, be more patient, find a better job and to just be a better person over all.

New Year celebrations are over 4.000 years old. The tradition is thought to have first caught on among the ancient Babylonians, who made promises in order to earn the favour of the gods and start the year off on the right foot.

The Beatles were turned down on January 1st 1962: The Beatles went for an audition with Decca Records and were turned down in favour of the Tremeloes. 

 Warm wishes for a happy and healthy New Year to all our customers and the many and varied businesses on the Bead Trail!  Make a resolution to follow the Okanagan Bead trail in 2016 - there will be no shortage of adventures!   

Denise Howie