Okanagan Stories: Vernon & Armstrong

Written on June 28th, 2016

Okanagan Adventures with Annette & Lorraine

bt adventure 2 

 Annette couldn't spend Mother's Day with her mom so they made a plan to spend the following weekend together. They decided their first stop would be their long-time favourite, Davidson Orchards in Vernon. Annette had heard of Beadtrails and was delighted to find Davidson’s cute tractor bead. That was it – their whole weekend was mapped out! 

Afterwards we received this engaging description from Annette: “We immediately set out on our Bead Trail adventure through Vernon and Armstrong. We stopped at Planet Bee and so on...ooohhing  and awwwing and how cute-ing our way thru our neck of the valley. Before we got to each location we would discuss what the next charm would look like... a stalk of wheat for Rogers flour... or perhaps a wedge of cheese for the Armstrong Village Cheese place... but the cow was so much more adorable. We were over the moon when we got the wedge of pizza and a chocolate bar...lol we are big foodies in my family! 

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 The replica of the church for O'Keefe ranch where my mom and I had gone many times before and always enjoy. To the new adventures like the winery in Armstrong; who knew they had a winery way out there - go figure! We sampled chocolate and wine and had many laughs during our adventure. And all in all one of the best impromptu Mother's Day adventures of all time. By the time we got home we were exhausted but sat down with the tablet to check out the bead trail website to see all the other charms and plot out our adventure.  We decided to place the charms in order of stops, though the BX cider was closed when we were there so it was missing but we have plans to go there when they open to pick up the adorable charm they have. ” 

 Thank you so much for sharing this story Annette! 

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