Organize your Jewelry: 7 Simple DIY Suggestions

Written on January 19th, 2016

Organize DIY

Do you find that you tend to wear the same pieces of jewelry all the time simply because you don't have time to sort through the jumble to find a bracelet or to untangle that perfect necklace? Here are some simple solutions to organize your gems.


1. If you are pushed for space or don't want to display your jewelry, you can store the pieces in separate see-through bags. Necklaces are suited to going solo but some styles of bracelets, rings or earrings can be put in the same bag. Why not group them by colour so that you can coordinate with outfits easily?

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2. Pick up  a mug-tree from the thrift store. Stylish metal or a wooden one that you can paint to match your decor.

coffee mug tree 

3. Some people just put hooks straight into the wall to display their jewelry, but you can easily create a neater version using a piece of wood; add dowels like this, or hooks or pick up porcelain door knobs at a thrift or antique store. 


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4. Attach small hooks to a wooden coat hanger, leave it natural or paint it as featured here by Loveli Shares.


5. Pick up a secondhand picture frame to organize and display your jewelry, as featured in

blog pic frame 

6. Or a small tree-branch might be more your style? Just hammer in some nails and spray it gold or silver if you want to dress it up. Finish it off by firmly tying a long piece of string to each and and attaching it to a hook or rustic nail. 

7. Do you have an old fashioned cake stand hiding in a cupboard? Pop it on your dresser and voilà - a handy and attractive way to store and display your jewelry. Happy Organizing!       

Denise Howie

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