Osoyoos: Find the Gecko

Written on February 23rd, 2016


Osoyoos Home Hardware

On joining the Osoyoos Bead Trails Frances Sologuk chose a gecko bead to represent her business, Osoyoos Home Hardware. The cool Gecko can be found at their customer service department along with a copy of their story. “Geckos are among the most colourful lizards in the world. Some species can change colour, and here at Osoyoos Home Hardware we are known for constantly changing our displays and our assortment of merchandise so it was a good fit! Geckos blend well with their surroundings but once you discover one, you realize just how unique and beautiful each Gecko is. We consider ourselves to be a unique shopping destination, and hope that once you discover us you will realize, that just like the gecko, we are a hidden treasure! Being on the Bead Trails has been a fantastically fun experience! We have met lots of wonderful people from all over the world. We just love that they are always so cheerful and happy. They enjoy following the trail and discovering new places.” Frances and Larry Sologuk purchased the Osoyoos Home Hardware store in 1985. The business has been serving the community of Osoyoos from the same corner since 1942 and takes pride in the strong relationship that has been built between business and community.  Wander the five levels of the store to discover unique products, including toys, clothing, home decor and a pet supplies department. As you are browsing look out for an original 1929 gas pump and a jail-cell door from Camp McKinney! Go to Beads & Maps 


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  Denise Howie