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A Proper Introduction to Our Sister Company: ArtVine

Published November 24th, 2020

Karen Griggs created ArtVine to support other creatives in the Okanagan community. ArtVine is currently sharing its name with the BeadTrails HQ. However, it is eager to stand on its own as a cooperative storefront and workshop space, both on the ground and in the digital frontier.

ArtVine’s vision is to provide a safe and functional space for local creators and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. To achieve this, there is plenty of wall and floor space for gallery items and extra room in the back to host workshops and meetings. ArtVine is also working on expanding into craft supplies and investing more into its new online store

With our online store, we have started with beads and pendants – sticking with what we know. Craft supplies will be the next uploaded as items are brought into the physical storefront. Our goal is to expand this service to other creators and business owners, so they may share in the online space with us. As they say, “rising tides lift all ships.” And during all this uncertainty, we believe there really is no better time to rise the tide.

How can you get involved? As an artist or business owner, we welcome all inquiries for the creative spaces. You can email [email protected] for specific pricing options and other details. We also invite any inquiring creatives to bring forth ideas for workshops and classes, as we have noticed there is plenty of interest from the community in participating. And, of course, we encourage everyone to shop local and support small businesses. Follow us on Instagram @artvine.spaces and Facebook @artvine.creative.spaces for upcoming workshops, new stock, featured businesses, sales and more.