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What is the BeadTrails Experience?

Published October 30th, 2018

When is a bead not just a bead?

When it's a fun way to discover new destinations!

The BeadTrails Experience encompasses far more than the act of tracking down bead charms; it is about exploration and discovery.

We love it when visitors come into BeadTrails HQ and first discover the BeadTrails concept, their faces light up with the idea of a modern day scavenger hunt, especially when girlfriends can be recruited into the adventure!

Like the charm bracelets from back in the day it's fun to choose beads that appeal to you or commemorate a time in your life, and at the same time create a conversation-starter piece of jewelry. But the magic of the BeadTrails Experience is discovering why a business chose their particular signature bead, and the stories you will tell and remember about your journey and bead choices.

In the fashion of all true adventurers you will need a map, which you can pick up at any of the BeadTrails businesses, you will find a list, and pictures of the beads at Beads & Maps (We like to make it easy for you!) We so want to hear your BeadTrails stories so do tag us when you post photos, because as someone once said - where there's a bead, there's a photo op. Happy travels!