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What is BeadTrails®?

The BeadTrails is a fun, affordable, cross marketing and branding service created to promote communities & businesses. We offer self-guided tours to attractions and businesses in the Okanagan, Shuswap & Similkameen regions. Customers travel independently to participating businesses to collect a unique bead, and at the end of their tour they have a memory bracelet!

We work with each business to develop a signature bead that helps tell their story and represents the uniqueness of each business. That bead is then placed on our interactive map.


BeadTrails Experience

Membership Benefits

  • BeadTrails offers advertising for your business. Your business name, address, location, and website will be listed on our website and map.
  • Each businesses signature bead is only available at your location, so customers looking to complete their bead bracelet will visit your store.
  • Your unique bead will help tell your story, promote your business within the community and is a potential purchase in your business! Selling your signature beads & bracelets has the potential to pay for the yearly membership & more!
  • Business members will have priority when we select locations for our physical tours in 2022.
  • The BeadTrails is good for obtaining a high ranking on Google. Each business member receives a link to their website from ours.
  • The BeadTrails engages with and promotes business members on social media.
  • BeadTrails members will benefit from insights we gain by being members and partners with different tourism and community associations such as the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association and the British Columbia Regional Tourism Secretariat.
  • BeadTrails likes to support local and other fundraising initiatives. We have previously raised money for the Australian wildfires and BC flooding victims.

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a business on the trail, please contact us using the form below, by email or phone!

[email protected]