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BeadTrails Is On The Move

Published August 15th, 2019

Summerland, B.C.

Founded by Karen Griggs of Summerland in 2010, BeadTrails was created to connect people to the places and experiences that memories are made of. The educational marketing adventure sees businesses on the trails supplied with their signature bead, which visitors collect and add to memory bracelets. A modern-day tour guide disguised as an old-fashioned treasure hunt, BeadTrails has attracted a dedicated and growing following.

“Some days it’s hard to keep up with all the growth”, says Karen Griggs. “This year three new communities have been added to the BeadTrails along with a major restructuring of our website.” Adding dynamic features and mapping options to the site allows visitors to explore communities and beads on-line while planning their itinerary. “We’ve created cheat sheets for the beads and businesses but essentially people can use our dynamic on-line maps to navigate as they go”.

This summer will see the Niagara Penninsula join the BeadTrails family as the first official licensee. Karen Britton, who first experienced the BeadTrails while on vacation in B.C. recognized an opportunity to bring the movement to Ontario. “Connecting people through tourism in a fun and inclusive way is really how I see BeadTrails evolving”, she adds. In the process of meeting with Ontario Visitor Centres and tourism operators, Karen notes that, "A lot of wineries, galleries, beaches and of course Niagara Falls are on the Peninsula and many local businesses are anxious to get on board.”

BeadTrails has always been about connecting people to places through tourism but now the local company with whimsical dreams has the opportunity to connect a nation. “That’s exciting and the beginning of a whole new adventure”, says Karen Griggs.

Where there’s a bead there’s a story. Watch for BeadTrails opening on Prince Edward Island and the Lower Mainland in early 2020. Visit the updated website ( where you’ll find information on licensing opportunities for your community, see all the beads and businesses, and check out the newest communities on the trail; Merritt, Cache Creek, and 100 Mile House.

About the BeadTrails - Created in Spring 2010 by Karen Griggs of Summerland B.C. the BeadTrails Experience was Awarded the Summerland Chamber of Economic Development and Tourism’s coveted Tourism and Hospitality Excellence Award in 2010 and 2017 and Retail Excellence Award in 2013 - BeadTrails unites the Nations wineries, boutiques, restaurants, artist studios and cultural points of interest in a unique touring adventure.


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