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Niagara on the BeadTrails

Published July 9th, 2019

Composed of four distinct regions, and seasons, the Niagara Peninsula is a vibrant destination and the newest member of the BeadTrails Experience.

While visiting, one can immerse in the wonder of winter in the romantic village of Niagra-on-the-Lake, or partake in the annual Ice-Wine Festival where culinary masters tempt hungry palettes with locally inspired and sourced cuisine. Partake in the "Sparkle and Ice Gala" before winter succumbs to the fragrant blossoms of spring, and vibrant renewal of the earth.

Spring is when the vineyards come to life amid a burst of blossoms, butterflies, and theatre - both natural and man-made. There is an abundance of arts and culture throughout the area with over thirty wineries calling the eastern-most "Culinary Capital of Canada" home.

Visitors can cycle, hike or cruise the local roads and waterways of the original First Nations people, the Neutrals, who traded along the travel routes of the region. A short drive from either Toronto or Buffalo New York is the Twenty Valley Region, a land infused with wine, craft beer, and festivals. Over fifty wineries thrive here with a plethora of artisanal gift shops adding their unique vibe to the historic Jordan Shopping District.

South Beach and Lake Erie offer an endless expanse of long sandy beaches, nature trails and museums for one to explore. Water sport and hiking entice outdoor enthusiasts to get off the beaten path and discover the hidden farms and markets that dot the landscape.

With so much to do, don't forget to save time to experience the crown jewel of the Peninsula, Niagara Falls where cascading torrents of thundering water tumble over three falls whose spray mists the air with a sense of magic. Every night from May 24 until September 2 there is a spectacular fireworks show.

The Niagara Peninsula is a sustainable and bountiful destination. Fall is extra special as the wineries and farmers harvest their crops and begin the process of preservation, restoration, and wine-making ensuring there are always memories to be made on the Niagara BeadTrails.